Transformation Fund

Improving care through investment.

Transformation fund 2017/18 and 2018/19

GP Forward View

GP Forward View guidance stated that CCGs should plan to spend a total of £3 per head as a one-off non recurrent investment commencing in 2017/18, for practice transformational support.

The investment was designed to be used to stimulate development of at scale providers for improved access, stimulate implementation of the 10 high impact actions to free up GP time, and secure sustainability of general practice.

Funding Assumptions

For NHS West Kent, £3 per head equated to £1.457 million investment.

Priorities for investment - Federation Led Cluster Project Bids

The purpose of this proposal was to support the delivery of the GP Forward View by encouraging practices to work together at a cluster and federation level to provide and deliver primary care services at scale. The proposal invited the Federation to work with its clusters (now called Primary Care Networks) to identify appropriate projects against which the Federation submitted bids for an element of the transformation fund.

This encouraged practices to work together to deliver services at scale focusing on a service provision that supports the sustainability of general practice, and in line with the broader CCG plans for delivering joined up out of hospital services for patients in local communities.


Meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Increased capacity for primary care services out of hospital
  • Commitment to the CCG commissioning intentions to reduce unplanned admissions to hospital
  • Improving seven day access to effective care
  • Support for the 5 year forward view around primary care and new models of care
  • Emphasis on streamlined working and innovation including IT developments
  • Implementation of a project that contributes to one or more of the 10 High Impact Changes (HIC)